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The “Rivers Fletcher Talk and Film Shows” were a part of Motorsport activity throughout the

early post war period. With no television coverage of motor racing, the motor clubs in England

relied on Rivers Fletcher to put on regular shows with films of the Grand Prix in Europe and

talk about what was happening in the world of Formula One.

As TV coverage increased, the need for the shows reduced, but Rivers carried on doing them,

now with a leaning towards his own amateur racing, thus providing an interest for enthusiasts

and their wives/girlfriends. These films now form the basis of a show about Rivers’ life.

Unique footage of family and motorsport life in the 1950-1960 period is shown by Rivers’

younger son Jeremy with explanations and reminiscenses of life 50 years ago.

Rivers’ horrific crash when he rolled his HWM at Prescott, (no roll cage or harnesses in

those  days),  grand prix, hillclimbs, a young family learning about cars and larking about

with comedian and world movie star Norman Wisdom, all feature in the relaxed evening

show that that he used to present before his death in 1999.

 Rivers at home

 Checking the oil in his Alvis

 The 2.5 litre BRM being built.

 In his first Cooper 1100cc

  The prototype 2.5 litre BRM

  Shelsley Walsh June

  How racing used to be!

 Rivers tests the V16 BRM

 With Sir Alfred Owen,

the BRM Team owner