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                                                          February 2017

   The last year has been a year of decisions and changes. A good year in the Triumph Special, with a surprise class win at Prescott, but a disappointing year on the circuits with the MG ZS. In simple terms, the ZS never became competitive and if I was truly honest, front wheel drive does not really appeal to me.  The 1934 Magnette did not materialize into more drives, and towards the end of 2016 I made some decisions based on being aware that I was running out of time in my life to do the things that I want to do.

    The ZS was sold, a Mazda MX5 Mk1 was bought off e-bay, and I spent the winter months converting it for circuit racing with the 750 mc in a “one make, all the same spec” series. Will I enjoy close circuit racing with no excuses? Time will tell.

     Yve surprisingly decided to pick up her helmet again and is entered in the Triumph for another crack at the classic championship; I’m really looking forward to the pair of us competing against each other again.

     Dad’s old miniature racing car, the “BB” special has materialized, its re-build has very nearly been completed, and I’m hoping to do some of the driving in this unique car this year, courtesy of its owner Denis Bissell. Denis has had the car since 1964, and promised Dad he would re-build it one day. That day has nearly arrived; will I have the ability to do that car justice? Again, time will tell.

    My “retirement project” has burst into life. My 105e Anglia historic race car project has actually started to move forward. Although the MX5 has put the Anglia on the back burner for a few months, the “cage” is nearly completed, I’ve acquired a 1500 pre-crossflow engine, and a lot of the religious  (holy) floor has seen a miraculous conversion! The plan was to complete it this winter, but the Mazda project has got in the way.

Anything I compete in during the next few years is likely now to be rear wheel drive; a scenario where I feel most comfortable. Even my road car (a Mk2 MX5) is rear wheel drive.